Tyśmienica Valley

Nature fans from across the Poland know what the Tyśmienica Valley is. A municipality Czemierniki is a part of the Tyśmienica Valley. Tyśmienica Valley was qualified for the Natura 2000 program. It is a bird refuge valley, a paradise for ornithologists and unusual place for anyone who wants a while to fully associate with unspoiled nature.
Those who have not yet had the opportunity to know her charms, can start from the municipality Czemierniki, offering a wide range of typical natural values of Tyśmienica Valley.


Oxbow lakes and natural monuments

Here are preserved fragments of wet meadows with sedges, willow and alder thickets. Very valuable habitats are oxbow lakes, and also created as a result of human activity peat excavations. They are a perfect enoviremnet for a mud minnows and a pond turtles. The Tyśmienica Valley is also a place where are locacted and protected a rare species of plants, such as: European White Waterlily, European Yellow Waterlily, Flower Thumbnail, Wolffia Arrhiza, Drosera and Marsh Gentian.

If someone will come in around Czemiernik, you should definitely go in search of treasures – a six natural monuments protected by law.

Among them are venerable trees – including two mighty oaks of the circuits 332 cm and 375 cm growing on the edge of the 44th Forest department in Czemierniki. Next to the old Ludwin`s Forester grows a red oak proved with a circumference of 320 cm. Tourists aimed at Birchwood warblers greet two huge boulders on the highway – one of them a long time ago the locals gave a familiar name “Fat Mike”. Impressed the majestic row of wood made up of 81 small-leaved old lime growing at the highway leading to the old forester in Bełcząc. These trees have circuits from 145 cm to 550 cm. Near this place in the Butterfly wilderness grows the most impressive three in the commune – old oak with a circumference of 560 cm and a height of over 20 meters.
An interesting natural is a never freeze wellspring in 22th Bełcząc`s Froestry. It’s all just selected a single pearl of the many valuable specimens of nature, which can be seen here.


Bird`s Kingdom

Tyśmienica valley area gives a safe place to live for a harbors extremely numerous populations of birds. This is where you can observe the habits of waders or wetland birds such as: Curlews, Black-tailed Godwit, Grouse, Ducks, Terns, Rallidae and Redshank.

A rare representative of the heron family is a White Egret, often seen in Skruda ponds. In these location also appears birds such as: Red-Necked Grebe, Little Tern, Tufted Duck and Montagu’s harrier. Their territories are there a Accipitriformes such as Eurasian hobby, Eurasian Eagle-Owl and White-tailed Eagle.With the landscape of the Valley Tyśmienica are also related two species of stork – white and black, which particularly pleased the forest and moist areas.

This place is not just a bird paradise, there are many species of animals that while maintaining the proper precautions can be viewed in the wild. No one was surprised by many traces of the economy led by beaver or a family of otters view on the land. The spread in the municipality of peat pits, often with charming names as: Zadębowiec, Omiedzek, Przypust or Podgaje until recently, there was a very numerous species of fish in the Polish Red Book of Animals – a Minnow. Altogether a fish species such as Crucian Carp, Crucian Silver, Budworm, Tench and Eel. Not surprisingly, the Tyśmienica`s water enjoy highly popular among Anglers, as well as the fact that the surrounding areas attract ornithology enthusiasts. Not only for them – it’s a place for everyone discovers its charms. Just come to see all of them.